Just. Wow.

Photo: Monica Vedia

That’s a wrap for the ETE 21+1!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who supported, observed, engaged, visited, volunteered, taught, played, performed, and shared a little of your(taiko)selves with the community. We are all the more richer for it.

A full wrap-up will be sent by email to all participants soon (including links to workshop slides, photos from our photographer Tania Alineri, videos, and more)! We appreciate your patience while we gather everything together.

For now, if you have photos, videos, messages and memories to share with the community, please send them to info@eurotaikoexpo.com. We’d love to put them up on the ETE website for all to enjoy for a long time to come.

ETE Core Team 2022. Photo: Tania Alineri (alineritania@gmail.com)

Und damit ist die ETE21+1 Geschichte!

Wir möchten uns von ganzem Herzen bei euch bedanken. Bei allen Unterstützern, Besuchern, freiwilligen Helfern, bei allen welche an Workshops teilgenommen, sie geleitet oder einfach nur beobachtet haben, bei allen Performern auf bei der ETE Concert Night und auf der Community Bühne – oder kurz: Bei allen, welche ein klein wenig von ihrem Taiko mit der Community geteilt haben. Ihr habt uns alle bereichert.

Ein ausführlicher Wrap-Up wird bald an alle Teilnehmer per Mail gesendet. Aber bis es soweit ist, bitten wir euch eure Fotos, Videos und Erinnerung mit uns zu teilen und sie an info@eurotaikoexpo.com zu schicken. Wir würden diese liebend gern auf der ETE Website teilen, damit wir alle uns noch lange an dieses Wochenende erinnern können.

Photo: Tania Alineri (alineritania@gmail.com)

2 thoughts on “Just. Wow.

  1. Before it´s „too late“ for replying:

    Thank you so much Mel for coming up with this Expo and the whole core team for making it happen!

    Only this: when Melius Una was performed on stage, I was in tears for all the beauty throughout the weekend and during this closing moment.

    This was all as alive and vibrant as it could be! Just great to have so many people from all around Europe (and beyond) create something so moving, together.

    See you soon,


  2. Thanks for the beautiful words Martin! Just. Wow. Indeed.
    And also a big thank you for your helping hands, support and good energy during the weekend – it’s these small but very important actions from all the volunteers that made this whole machine run so smoothly.

    One note, I have to give credit where it is due, and Jonas also had a big part to play in coming up with the Expo concept and realisation 🙂

    Big hugs to you! And hope to drum with you again soon !

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