European Taiko Expo 2021(+1)

A showcase of European Taiko

Held in October 2022 in Hamburg, the ETE21+1 is a weekend of exposition displaying the diversity of the European Taiko Scene, including an evening concert featuring European Taiko compositions.

Building on the legacy of the European Taiko Conferences, and picking up where the community left off in 2019, it’s time to showcase the voices of European Taiko and present them to the world!

The European Taiko Expo is a platform for taiko players to present and experience taiko the way they want it, with the opportunity for all members of the community to shape the event throughout the year. This event is to be built by the community, for the community – and will be as exciting as you want to make it!

So, let’s celebrate the joy of playing taiko together, and be inspired to create and develop the unique voice of European Taiko.


CONNECT: Euro Taiko is as diverse as the cultures which exist on the continent. The expo is an opportunity to meet and talk shop with taiko players of all levels and styles from across Europe, creating personal, artistic and professional connections which may blossom into new friendships, artistic directions, and collaborative projects.


SHARE: What is normal for one group can be exciting and groundbreaking for players with a different background. During the expo, we encourage participants to share their taiko experiences to enrich the knowledge and understanding throughout the Euro Taiko community and develop taiko in Europe as an artform.


LEARN: New input is the inspiration needed to spark creativity and innovation. The focus of the expo is to offer a large variety of short workshops in a limited time, to give an overview of what’s out there across the Euro Taiko community. The European Taiko Expo is a place to learn how already familiar things can be approached in a different way, and for players and teachers to add new skills to their taiko toolbox.


Represent your group
Each group registered for the ETE will have an official Expo poster on display and a group representative/s available for inquiries. Groups are encouraged to host a space of their own, or can display material on the general promotion table.

Share something important
Volunteer to lead a session: On-drum and off-drum topics are encouraged!

Submit your ideas
What would you like to see and do at the event?

Contribute to current ideas
Help make someone else’s ideas reality: anything from visual displays, taiko games, presentations. Get creative!

Share your compositions
Showcase the voices of Euro Taiko by sharing parts of your compositions in a workshop – or on the stage!

Play together
Celebrate the joy of playing together with community repertoire. Which songs? That’s for the community to decide throughout the year.

Host a commercial stall
Sell your taiko-related wares to the community, and connect with future customers and clients. Drums, bachi, costuming, bags, accessories – anything taiko related is welcome!

Show the community what you’re building and how: displays of behind-the-scenes photos, videos and unfinished products are encouraged!

Add your items to the Expo merch stall
You could also sell your small taiko-related items through the general merch stall, leaving you free to enjoy the Expo.

Submission Forms

European Taiko Expo 2021(+1)

Hosted by TAIKO BASTARDS in collaboration with taiko artists from across Europe.

Important dates

October 22 & 23, 2022:
ETE21+1 in Hamburg

Mittelweg 42, 20148 Hamburg
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