Want to be a part of the ETE21+1 but can’t make it to Hamburg? No problem!

Between now and October 2022 we are collecting video submissions from the global taiko community. These will be on display for participants to see at the Expo in Hamburg, and for those of you at home, they will be published here on the ETE website.

What we’re collecting:

  1. VIDEO MESSAGES: Say hello to the European taiko community! Introduce yourself, or your group, and share something about yourself. Open to taikonauts worldwide.
  2. PHOTO SLIDESHOWS: Collect your favourite ‘taiko in Europe’ memories and put them together in a slideshow video. Open to taikonauts worldwide.
  3. PROMOTION VIDEOS: Put together the best clips and photos and show off your taiko-related group, association or business. Open to taikonauts based in Europe.
  4. PERFORMANCE VIDEOS: Present a piece as played by you or your group – it doesn’t have to be an own or European composition. Open to taikonauts based in Europe.

Submission guidelines:

BASICS: Horizontal, 16:9 aspect ratio, 720p minimum resolution, 500mb maximum file size.

LENGTH: Maximum 5 minutes.

NUMBER OF SUBMISSIONS: Maximum 3 per group.

LANGUAGE: We encourage you to submit videos in your native language with English subtitles. (We also suggest this for videos already in English, as it helps the non-native speakers understand what is being said).

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have the right to use all music and images in the video, and that it does not include inappropriate language, images or sounds.

Submit your video:

European Taiko Expo 2021(+1)

Hosted by TAIKO BASTARDS in collaboration with taiko artists from across Europe.

Important dates

October 22 & 23, 2022:
ETE21+1 in Hamburg

Mittelweg 42, 20148 Hamburg

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