We are currently collecting submissions to be displayed online throughout the year, AND in-person at the ETE21+1 in Hamburg in October 2022.

Community initiated projects

Instead of trying to speak for the community, the principle aim of the ETE is to provide the platform and opportunities for the community to speak for itself – giving individual taiko players and groups the voice and recognition they deserve. Get involved and add your voice to the following initiatives!

InitiativeAim! ADD YOUR VOICE !
Community CalendarTo help players plan their taiko time, and to help organisers avoid clashes and coordinate when inviting guest teachers from abroad.View the calendar: HERE, add your events: HERE
Discussion ForumTo develop an ever-growing resource of taiko information that is independent of social media, well organised, and easy to use.Visit the forum: HERE, and sign up to contribute to the discussion
Collective Photo AlbumTo remind us of the good times we’ve had, and the things to look forward to once the world opens back up. And to collect a bunch of Euro Taiko memories to be displayed (and perhaps published) as part of the ETE 🙂Post your photos on the forum: HERE, or email Mel
Database of Origin StoriesTo start building a library of information about the taiko groups that exist/ed across Europe, which is told through interesting-to-read, personal stories written by members of the groups themselves – no hearsay, just experience. And of course, to collect a bunch of interesting taiko stories to be published (and perhaps displayed) as part of the ETE.Post your story on the forum: HERE, or email Mel

Bitte? Wat? Che cosa? ¿Qué? Pardon? Vad? 何?

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European Taiko Expo 2021(+1)

Hosted by TAIKO BASTARDS in collaboration with taiko artists from across Europe.

Important dates

October 22&23, 2022:
ETE21+1 in Hamburg

Mittelweg 42, 20148 Hamburg
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