Europe has a relatively short and multi-rooted history of Taiko, compared to places such as Japan, North America and Australia. However, that doesn’t mean that it lacks depth, content or enthusiasm amongst its taiko players! On the contrary, this allows for the development of a unique voice representative of the European experience, and for players to tell their own stories through the drums in their own way.

This concert will present a selection of the voices of Euro Taiko in one exciting night of music and story telling.

Curated by the core team in Hamburg, it will be an integrated performance start-to-finish: no announcer, just Taiko. A celebration of the individual European groups who are creating and composing original works and also a space for new collaborative works to be presented. It will weave the individual voices of Euro Taiko into a colourful tapestry that connects us all.

All European performance groups/solo artists who have created original taiko pieces were welcome to apply, and we were overwhelmed by the number and quality of what we received. A heartfelt Thank You to all of those who applied! It was a difficult decision to make, and keeping in mind that there’s no way to represent an entire community in 2 hours (that’s why ETE21 is a multi-day event!), we’re excited to present this lineup of groups from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Israel!

EXPOSITION: 16th & 17th Oct

Connecting, sharing and learning from each other is important for developing the artform of Taiko and the community in Europe. The expo day is a way to pool together the resources that are available, and for the community to find the things they are looking for. The content of this day is totally up to you and based completely on submissions and suggestions from the European Taiko community. We encourage you all to take part!

Each European-based group is invited to have an official Expo poster on display and a group representative/s available for inquiries.


PLUS lots of room for social time…

On-drum sessions led by community members.

A chance to experience how different groups in Europe approach, play and teach taiko and taiko-related skills. Gain a new perspective, and improve your playing!

All taiko players (not only group leaders and teachers) are welcome to lead a session and share something of interest with the community.

Examples: Fundamentals such as stance, grip, movement, dynamics and basic patterns. Exercises that are unique to your group. Taiko drills, call and response, lead by example, rhythm games.

Application deadline for session leaders and suggestions: 1st of July

Off-drum sessions led by community members.

An opportunity to dig further into specific taiko-related topics, without drums. Share what you want to share (as a talk, presentation, or workshop), or start the discussion about something you want to learn more about!

All taiko players are encouraged to suggest topics to be addressed, even if you are not willing to lead the session!

Examples: Teaching, performance, creativity, taiko therapy, technology and taiko, improvisation, composition, warm up routines, special needs groups, body awareness, dance, coordination.

Application deadline for session leaders and suggestions: 1st of July

Drum it out with players from around Europe!!

Performances of shared repertoire scheduled throughout the day. The pieces played are to be chosen by you, the community! European and non-European songs are welcome.

Submit your favourite community songs before 1st of April to add them to the poll. The highest voted songs will make it on the list to be played on the Expo Day!

Voting opens in April and the list of songs will be finalised in September.


European Taiko Expo 2021

Hosted by TAIKO BASTARDS in collaboration with taiko artists from across Europe.

Important dates

1st of May:
Deadline for performance applications
1st of July:
Deadline for workshop leader and stall holder applications.

Mittelweg 42, 20148 Hamburg
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