A global project investigating taiko as a tool for change (personal, social, political etc.)

The ETE21 is proudly supporting this global project, of which a part will be presented in October by taiko academic Wendy Jo Gertjejanssen. Initiated by Wendy, this community based project aims to compile personal stories from taiko players around the globe to see how taiko can be used as a tool for internal or external change. The insights gained from the submissions (written and video) will be shared back to the community as the project continues to develop. To contribute to this project, see the instructions below.

Submit your story as a video and go in the draw to win a TaikoCat pack, kindly donated by Yurika Chiba! Two runners up will receive a TaikoCat pin of their choice.


  1. Submission should be no longer than three minutes.
  2. You may submit your video in Spanish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, French or English. English subtitles will be added.
  3. Submission should be in portrait format, not landscape.
  4. Locate yourself geographically and provide basic information about yourself and your relationship to taiko (if you took or are currently taking lessons, are in a group, are a taiko teacher, build taikos or sell taiko items, or in some other way have had taiko in your life).
  5. Then address a topic put forth in the Powers of Taiko questionnaire. In other words, describe how taiko has brought about change in your life, whether it be emotional, social, physical, musical or any other kind of change. Are other art forms similar in your life with their impact?
  6. Please check your recording to be sure the audio works, etc.
  7. Sign and submit the video release form:
  8. To submit, email to receive a link for uploading.

For more information and/or to submit your story in text:

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