Calling All Taikonauts!

To all the European Taiko players and enthusiasts out there:

We excitedly invite you to the Euro Taiko Expo 2021!

To be held in Hamburg, Germany at the end of 2021, we’re building a gathering to showcase the unique voices of taiko in Europe, with the content of the expo to be based on the community’s wishes. So, make your voice heard and get involved in the development of this event throughout the year!

How will it work?

We’ve created the template, now it’s up to you to help us fill in the gaps. Here’s the basics:

ContentDescriptionCommunity input
Concert NightStage concert featuring original taiko compositions and international collaborations. A seamless show with a universal design concept: no moderation, just taiko.
To be curated by the core team in Hamburg.
Line-up of performers
Community performancesIn a dedicated area on the Expo day, scheduled performances of community pieces and shared repertoire. Open for all to play together!Which pieces are to be played
Stalls for each taiko groupIndividual stalls for taiko groups to present themselves – with flyers, flags, shirts, posters of past or upcoming events, photos, videos, banners, signs etc.
An official Expo poster of each group will also be on display in the Expo area.
Lets show off all the different colours of European taiko together in one room!
Everything on display will come from you, the taiko community
On-drum sessionsIn a dedicated area on the Expo day, short on-drum workshops which focus on aspects unique to your taiko group/style. E.g. taiko fundamentals, philosophy, movement concepts, drills and exercises, phrases from your pieces.
Everyone is welcome to lead a session, not only current teachers and group leaders!
Session leaders and topics
Off-drum sessionsIn a dedicated area on the Expo day, sessions which focus on the non-drumming aspects of taiko. E.g. bodywork, creativity, dance, special needs groups, teaching approaches, group management, event organisation, warm up and cool down exercises.
Everyone is welcome to start a discussion, give a presentation or suggest a topic!
Session leaders and topics
Commercial stallsStalls featuring taiko-related products such as drums and other instruments, bachi, equipment bags, costumes, etc.
Everyone is welcome to hold a stall and sell their wares!
Sellers and products
Social time and networking!Bar area and ample space to talk shop with fellow taiko friends, and perhaps play some taiko games to help build new connections.
Everyone is welcome to suggest activities and ideas!
Social activity and games

What will it look like?

The Euro Taiko Expo 2021 will be as exciting as the community makes it – as big as the community needs it to be – and have as many extras as the community is willing to support.

Our dreams here are without end, but we’re also realists and know that it takes resources to make things happen. The 2021 expo is a non-profit event, and the organizers are doing as much as they can with what is available! So, while we will be sure to have the basics covered, the more support we get, the more extras we can add that go towards taking the event to the next level.

Is there a “Plan C(orona)”?

Although we are optimistic that by October regulations will have lifted enough to make this Expo possible, there’s always the chance things don’t go to plan.

If the event doesn’t go ahead:
We will reschedule the event with the same concept and let nothing go to waste!
All submissions, applications, and tickets will remain valid. Ticket holders will be eligible for a refund up until 30 days after the planned Expo date.

If the event can go ahead, but numbers are restricted by law:
Tickets will be valid based on a first-come-first-serve basis.
For example, if for reasons out of our control we need to reduce the event to max. 100 patrons after more than 100 tickets have been sold, the first 100 tickets will remain valid and the remaining ticket holders will be put on a waiting list. Those on the waiting list will be eligible for a refund (which removes them from the list) up until 30 days after the Expo.

How to get involved?

Share this with your taiko friends, and help spread the word!

Share your taiko dreams with us and we’ll do our best to make your ideas reality, if they fit within the framework of the event. No idea is too crazy!

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