ETE21+1 Community Songs


You voted and we listened. Below is a list of the top songs from last year’s poll. As a thank you to everyone who voted (all 203 of you!), we put together an online preparation course last year with a session each from all 9 composers of the top 11 songs (yes, all of them!).

One year on, it’s finally time to come together on the stage and DRUM IT OUT!

“Melius Una” by Jonathan Kirby

“Ready, Set, KaDON!” by Shoji Kameda

“Mozamjam” by Martin Doyle

“Dokokara” by Yuta Kato

“Narushima” by Katsuji Kondo

“Wanoichi” by Kaoly Asano

“Wombat Combat” by Jonas vom Orde

“Korekara” by Michelle Fujii et al. (Slant stand version)
“Korekara” by Michelle Fujii et al. (flat stand version)

European Taiko Expo 2021(+1)

Hosted by TAIKO BASTARDS in collaboration with taiko artists from across Europe.

Important dates

October 22 & 23, 2022:
ETE21+1 in Hamburg

Mittelweg 42, 20148 Hamburg

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