TAC: Consignment


General regulations:

  1. Selling items at the European Taiko Expo (ETE) merch stall is possible for members of European taiko groups, and those who sell taiko-related goods that are relevant to the European taiko community. This includes international organisations and sellers, as their work contributes to and supports the European voice of taiko.
  2. All transactions at the ETE merch stall will be carried out in EUR.
  3. Items must be delivered to the organisers before the Expo Day.
  4. A list of the items, including photo and pricing, must be delivered to the organisers before the Expo Day.
  5. To keep within health and safety regulations, food and drink are not to be sold at the stall.
  6. To increase the appeal of the expo, Taiko groups/associations who submit interesting and unique items will be given preference during the selection process.


  1. Applications are accepted only through the online form: https://forms.gle/ySFcQ6V6ef7QXFVa9
  2. Only complete application forms in English or German language can be considered. If you have any questions, or require language support, please feel free to contact us.
  3. The selection of the applicants will be carried out by the organiser, and both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be contacted.
  4. Successful applicants will have 7 days to accept or refuse, and signing of the contract for consignment at the ETE will follow.
  5. A (complete or partial) transfer of the contract to a third party is not permitted.


  1. The application with required documents should be completed by Thursday July 1st, 2021.


  1. ETE organisers receive a commission of 25% of the gross sales price for all items sold through the merch stall, to be used for covering rental and equipment costs. 
  2. The applicant must hold a valid Expo Day or Combo ticket to be eligible to sell items through the merch stall.


  1. The applicant will receive the proceeds of sold items within 7 days following the Expo Day.
  2. Proceeds of sold items can be received in EUR as cash, Paypal or bank transfer.

Title to property:

  1. The applicant will continue to own and have title to each item until that item is sold. An item will be considered sold when:
    1. It is sold by ETE volunteers to a customer
    2. It is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed while in ETE volunteer’s possession.

Unsold items:

  1. The applicant is responsible for picking up unsold items at the end of the Expo Day.
  2. Any unsold items that have not been picked up by the applicant can be returned within 30 days, with the applicant paying any shipment expenses.