Professional Development Series


Facilitated online exchange:
taiko dojo and group management


A series of focused online meetings to share personal experiences on topics that are not fun, but that are essential to running a taiko group. Participants are encouraged to share in their native language, with language support provided as necessary.

Meetings will NOT include discussion and problem solving – and serve primarily to connect you to other taiko professionals and give insights into different real-world approaches to group management. If you are not able to attend the meeting, or prefer to share your experience in writing, you can do so by email.

A password protected online space will be available which includes recordings of each meeting, a PDF document with experiences that have been submitted in writing for each topic, and space for participants to discuss, share ideas and resources, and to ask/give advice.

INTRODUCTION: Break the ice1. Jun
FINANCES: Budgets, taxes and paperwork5. Jun
PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: Group structure, teaching approach, internal communication9. Jun
PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Negotiating jobs, pricing, developing a suitable performance12. Jun
MARKETING AND PUBLIC COMMUNICATION: Finding and retaining new players and jobs15. Jun
SELF DEVELOPMENT AS A TEACHER & PLAYER: Keeping up skill and motivation18. Jun
EQUIPMENT: Instruments, maintenance, hardware and software for group teaching and management26. Jun
[Dates are chosen at random, just placeholders for now]


SPACES ARE VERY LIMITED. The information being shared is sensitive and should be treated as confidential. For this “give & take of sensitive information” to occur, active participation from each person is expected. Participants who do not share their own experiences will lose their access to the password protected online space.

Participation requirements
Attend the introductory online meeting
Share your experience on each topic (during the online meeting or in text)
Attend at least 2 of the 6 online meetings
Share your contact details (e.g. email address) and be open to receive questions directly from other participants

For any questions, please get in touch with Mel (